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If You Think Apple and IBM Were Never Rivals, Steve Jobs Has a Funny Story for You [UPDATED]

Based on an incomplete quotation published by a reporter for Information Week, the earlier version of this post, before it was updated, drew the conclusion that longtime IBM employee Mark Papermaster was unaware of the former rivalry between IBM and Apple, which is seeking to hire Papermaster. The complete quotation makes it clear that Papermaster […]

Phoning Home Without a Phone

Correction: An earlier version of this column erroneously stated that GPS satellites send notifications. The SPOT Satellite Messenger uses a GPS system to determine a user’s location and a second satellite network to send notifications.

Raelian Movement Mulling Plans for ‘Macaqaid’–the First Monkey-Cloning Company?

Clarification from John Paczkowski: In an item posted Nov. 14 about cloned monkey embryos, I jokingly suggested that the Raelians, proprietors of Clonaid–the First Human Cloning Company, were considering establishing a new business called “Macaqaid–the First Monkey Cloning Company.” Obviously, this is not the case, as the UFO cult’s director of media relations was quick […]

The Week to Come: Lots of Money Stuff and Rupe Visits the Geeks!

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated the day Apple will report its quarterly results. The company will do so Oct. 22. (See comment with post.)

TechCrunch40: Rich Media and Mash-Ups

Privacy Policy Sections Introduction Information We Collect How We Use Your Information Your Ad Choices How We Share Your Information Security How To Access, Correct Or Update Your Information Other Important Information Contact Us About Privacy The Dow Jones Privacy Policy Effective October 26, 2013 1. INTRODUCTION Dow Jones & Company, Inc. and its subsidiaries […]

3G iPhone in Europe? Nix, Nicht, Nein, Non!

Correction: Because of an editing error, an earlier version of the first paragraph of this post incorrectly referred to a “2.5-gigabyte” device instead of 2.5G device (as in “generation”) as the author intended. (See comments with post.)

Moving a 25 GB File From a Mac to a PC

Correction: Due to technical limitations, an individual can’t copy a file larger than four gigabytes in size to a disk drive formatted using the Windows file system called FAT. A previous version of this Mossberg’s Mailbox incorrectly advised that a 25-gigabyte file could be copied to such a disk drive.

And We Would Have Gotten Away With It, Too, if It Weren’t for You Meddling Domain Registrars

UPDATE: Below is an early version of a post that was later updated to include comments and clarification from MediaDefender. If you’re going to create a honey-pot Web site with which to bust movie pirates, it’s probably not wise to register its domain under the name of your antipiracy company. Otherwise people might think your […]