Raelian Movement Mulling Plans for ‘Macaqaid’–the First Monkey-Cloning Company?

clonaid.jpgClarification from John Paczkowski: In an item posted Nov. 14 about cloned monkey embryos, I jokingly suggested that the Raelians, proprietors of Clonaid–the First Human Cloning Company, were considering establishing a new business called “Macaqaid–the First Monkey Cloning Company.”

Obviously, this is not the case, as the UFO cult’s director of media relations was quick to point out: “The Raelian Movement has not made any announcement regarding a monkey cloning company. … The Raelian Movement is a philosophical movement in strong support of all new technologies, cloning being one of them. However, the Raelian Movement only supports these new technologies from a philosophical/moral point of view and is not involved at all in any enterprise offering services or performing research in these fields.”

We’ll have to disagree with the movement on that last bit there, given Clonaid’s unsubstantiated claims of creating a cloned baby girl and the Food and Drug Administration’s investigation into it.